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In the table below, select a body font size in pixels (px) to display a complete "px to em and percent " conversion table. Tip: The default font size is usually 16px. Pixels, EMs, Percent, Points. 6px, em, %, 5pt. 7px, em, %, 5pt. 8px, em, %, 6pt. 9px, em, %, 7pt. 10px, em, %. Percent (%) to decimal number conversion calculator and how to convert. Pixels are not absolute, since depending on your screen and chosen definition not resolution gangster granny, the resolution pixels per inch can go from a lot dpi or very little 75dpi. Those two values will cascade 1. You can often convert existing CSS using a text editor macro: Posted on September 30th, by Kyle in DevelopmentUser Experience. Always hard work explaining clients the use of em and stuff.

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How about a link to the original? But I don't have the time to constantly update a decade's worth of my answers here. Join them; it only takes a minute: October 3, at JavaScript JavaScript Reference HTML DOM Reference jQuery Reference AngularJS Reference W3. I believe this all depends on who you are designing for; yourself, at your workstation, or the 85 year old grandmother on her iPad who would like to be able to read the content of your clients page; or the 6 year old kindergarden student doing the same, or middle America standing in line at Starbucks or driving to work. But that isn't to say there won't still be some variation. Im talking aobut some kind of fluid template made only in em, all the sizes of the web depends by the font-size of the user, so this template can look perfect in any device. Encountering any problem to convert Em to Percent? Few designers today have handled lead type or even studied the history and origins of the typefaces they use. December 18, at April 6, at 6: If you have important information to share, please contact us. Just like em's the very nature of percentage sizing is that it is relative. Your message has been sent to W3Schools. I've been using the YUI reset, but then realized that the browsers text-size settings DONT WORK! That exact proportional relationship makes em values a powerful web design technique. I have no idea how to approach that! Many thanks Chris, this really clarified this evil topic of EM vs Pixel that has haunted me for a while. June 6, at 7: In fact some two thirds of your audience need help viewing websites. Percent to Em Pixel to Em. October 12, at 7: I personally prefer to use pixels for font size — it produces the most accurate and consistent results across all browsers. October 5, at 1: Thanks for the awesome article man! However, if the parent was set to medium and the child was set to larger note, large r not just largethe child would be "sized up" to be larger than the parents font size. Look at Spielen und gewinnen Units for more measurement units. Although points can be used on screen, they are the standard in printing because they are a factor of DPI.

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